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I'm a third-year cybernetics student with a passion for software development and technology. I'm seeking to gain knowledge and experience in the field of computer science and related areas. I believe that my enthusiasm for technology, ability to learn new things, and teamwork will help me reach my professional goals.

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Custom C# Web server

This is a simple HTTP server. It is capable of hosting a website on a server. It is capable of parsing requests, serving 404 pages, and serving static files. The server is written in C# and is capable of running on Linux or Windows. It has a logger that logs basic information like the IP address of the client and the request. It also has a simple configuration file that allows you to change the port and the root directory.

Simple online banking application

Created an ASP.NET Core MVC online application that simulates online banking. The application uses MSSQL database for persistent storage. It allows user registrations and money transfers. Additionally, it has an admin page that shows all users and their transactions along with their personal details.

Minesweeper Game

This project is a simple implementation of the classic Minesweeper game in WinForms. It is capable of generating a random board with a specified number of mines. You can also choose the size of the board and the number of mines. The game is capable of detecting when you win or lose.

An interpreter for the esoteric programming language BrainFuck

This program is a simple interpreter that can accept .bf (BrainFuck file) files and interprets them at runtime. It implements all of the basic functions of BrainFuck like move stack pointer, increment/decrement value at stack pointer, print value at stack pointer, read value from user. When incrementing stack value past 255 there is an option to disable my stackoverflow exception and instead set the value to 0. There is also a simple error handling system that can detect syntax/runtime errors and throw an exception.


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